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Range surveys in Iran have started in 1918. Research activities were held in Homand Absard. Research Station locating in a semi arid region and Nodehak Research Station in arid region. Range research activities extended to 28 provinces of the country since 1981. RRd currently takes the benefit from 88 senior and 30 junior researchers working all over the country.

Creation of basic and applied information required for application of proper range management is the core objective of the RRD. To meet the aim, RRd has established two research groups focusing on Range ecology and range management issues.

Rangelands are changed quantitative and qualitatively due to variation of seasonal condition and management. Soil and vegetation degradation in rangelands normally is a very gradual process, not detectable major changes have occurred. However, due to area of rangelands in country, they have important role in economy, soil and water conservation. Therefore lone-term ecological information combined with precipitation records is important to determine the causes of change in rangelands and to expand our knowledge of rangelands including their variability, resilience and reaction to management. This can be achieved by a long-term inventory of most important factors influencing range condition, trend and productivity. In addition; creating an range assesment system, determination of long-term average production, establishment of permanent key areas as a tool for other researches, important of range scientists ability and their scientific communication are other objection of this research project.

Ragelands Research Divisions Groups

۱- Range Ecology Research Group

۲- Range Management Research Group

۳- Improvement & development Range Research Group

۴- Range Implanting Research Group

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