Objectives & Duties

Investigation and research studies for identification, conservation, restoration, exploitation and sustainable forest and rangelands and desert management in the country, including plants, living and nonliving environmental elements and their by-products whether industrial, medicinal or poisonous, etc…

Fundamental Duties

◊ Guide, plan, approve and fulfill fundamental and useful researches for identifying, protecting, restoration, exploitation and sustainable management of natural resources including forests rangelands and deserts.

◊ Determining research priority of natural resources according to its extent in the country.

◊ Complying and propose guidelines and appropriate policies for managing natural environments of the country.

◊ Scientific & technical support for tremendous planning of forests, rangelands and desert management.

◊ Scientific supervision over tremendous designs and plans of natural resources management.

◊ Gathering research projects results in different research centers and divisions, commenting and concluding the final results; on the other hand, publishing papers, books and scientific journals all around the country.

◊ Having necessary relations and contributions with institutes, executive, and educational organizations in order to have mutual relations for research outcomes and its indigence.

◊ Supervision over implementing research projects referring to research centers and it’s divisions and also assessing research projects.

◊ Contribution with institutes and educational centers for training and educating specialized human force necessary for the country.

◊ Supply necessary equipments for research, along with developing technical up to dated knowledge.

◊ Scientific and experimental evaluation of institute’s researchers and other research centers.

◊ Contribution with educational and research institutes inside and outside country for transferring scientific and experimental information.

◊ Carry on conferences and participating in international scientific assemblies.

◊ Guide and technical supervision of research centers for supplying human resources.

◊ Establish national, provincial and regional research stations and seeking development in these stations under institute’s scientific supervision.

◊ Supply and plan long- term, short- term and middle- term projects along with natural resources experimentations.

◊ Organize annual budget of the institute for proposing to executives.

◊ Provide physical development of plans and research projects report to responsible executives. 

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