Natural research mechanization group

There are broad range of natural resources in terms of forests, rangelands and deserts in Iran. Forest and range regeneration and desert management call for a vast range of mechanical instruments. Management of these machines would require extended understanding of interactions between machinery, climatic factors and soil. A number of machines have been manufactured to enhance precision, speed and efficiency of various practices in support of natural resources regeneration and permanent exploitation. Appropriate use of these machines should be quite valuable but inappropriate selection and usage may ultimately lead to degradation of natural resources.

Mechanization includes selection and management of machines for natural resources with the aim to properly rehabilitation improves and exploit as well as reduce expenses. The necessity of research and executive operation focusing in the field cause to establish the group in the research institute of forests and rangelands (RIFR) in 1993. At this time one scientific board member and several active experts are working in this group in two fields: design and manufacturing of machine and mechanization. In future two sub group will be established as design and manufacturing of machines and mechanization.


The projects that are fulfilled in past 10 years in this group are:

Determining of the best seed planting methods for rangelands regeneration and suggest best method for hay planting in fields watered by rain.

Investigation of different harvest methods of rangelands plants for mechanizing rangelands and hay seed production.

Design and manufacturing of a Vertical Mulching Subsoiler for increasing precipitation and decreasing of soil erosion for rangelands regeneration.

Investigation of mechanization of operation till-planting, cultivating and harvesting for poplar.

Design and manufacturing of a poplar harvester for short rotation.

Design and manufacturing of a wheel trimmer with different kinds of knives for mechanical weed control and cutting seedlings (5 cm in diameter) and bushes.

Investigation of important methods for mechanized production of seedlings for forest development.

Design and manufacturing of a soil sterilization apparatus.

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