Among the forest division research activities the most significant research project is “investigating the compatibility of exotic forest wood producing species” using 330 species of conifers and broad-leaved trees. The result of these researches which were in the agenda since recent years have been evaluated and lead to publication of 8 volumes of books in this field. The result of this applied research on “Iran Forest Development” in 4.5 million hectares could be pointed out. Among other activities of this division special attention must be on the forest ecosystems in northern, western and southern parts of Iran. 

There are three research activities during ten recent years as follows:

۱- Study on various subjects in research forests of different ecological parts.

۲- Investigation project on rehabilitation of Aras Forests which was a national project with 8 provincial subprojects were carried out all through Iran and its result were published in 8 final reports, 4 research articles and a book entitled ” ecological and biological studies on Aras habitat of Iran”.

۳- National project on Hara forests in Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman shores with 3 provincial subprojects were carried out in South Iran. The results are published in 3 final reports, 3 books entitled, “Mangrove Plants”, Mangrove Forests (World Mangroves, 1st volume) and “Mangrove Forests (Iran Mangrove, 2nd volume).

۴- Forest typology project and forest management in north through aged and un-aged seeding crop and the results have been published in some journals.

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