Forest Research Division

Forest Research Division (FRD) began its work in the year 1968 when RIFR was founded. Due to the shortage of woody resources, initial researches were focused on the adaptation of non-native fast growing trees (hardwood and softwood) using around 330 species and various provenances in different parts of the country. At present, considering the ecological diversity of the country, the main view of this division is based on the ecosystem approach, in which it is necessary first of all to understand the existential nature, ecological characteristics and the natural succession of forest stands in order to preserve forest and soil. Depending on climate change and its impact on natural ecosystems and the need for changing approaches, FRD has focused its current studies on sustainable management of forests, close-to-nature silviculture, quantitative and qualitative monitoring of forest areas, protection of natural forest stands and wood production through reforestation and afforestation operations. The presence of 12.4 million hectares of forest lands, covering only 7% of total land area, with an average annual growth of 3 m3/ha in the north and 0.5 m3/ha in the west has made Iran a part of Low Forest Cover Countries. However, this limited amount is at serious risk of destruction due to population growth and the expansion of the countryside and cities, land conversion, grazing and overexploitation. Therefore, achieving optimal management and quantitative and qualitative increase of forest products has necessitated basic and applied research in the forest areas of the country.

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