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Iran with special geographical situation, climatic and topographical features has one of the richest floras consisting of spermatophytes and pteridophytes. The determination of plant species and biodiversity, also management of natural resources is impossible without exact knowledgeof plants. For this, National Botanical Garden of Iran is founded in 1968 as an independent institute. The plan was to build up a botanical garden and to do botanical studies. One year later, a herbarium was founded in the garden. Later the garden followed its activities entitled of Botanical Institute of Iran and then affiliated to the Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands as a distinct division entitled Botany Research Division.

The main objectives of Botany Research Division

Botanical researches, exaltation of botanical knowledge and transferring of botanical finding to the public.


۱٫- Herbarium

Systematic and Phylogeny of Spermatophytes Research Group

Systematic of Pteridophytes Research Group

Phytosociology and Plant Ecology Research Group

۲٫ National Botanical Garden of Iran

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